More than 40 years ago, the internationally renowned product Regupol® was developed by BSW and is now used all over the world. Originally, Regupol® was a combination of rubber granules or fibers and polyurethane binders. Meanwhile, many other elastic materials are processed into hundreds of Regupol® types developed over the years. Today, the company is called REGUPOL.



The top layer of the Pulastic® tennis systems is an acrylic from GreenSet. Founded by Javier Sánchez Vicario, once number 23 in the world and the brother of Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, a three-time winner at Roland Garros.



Pulastic® Soundwall was developed by MetroXL on the basis of the wishes and requirements of Sika Netherlands. The Pulastic® Soundwall is produced and installed by MetroXL's professionals and is available exclusively at Sika Netherlands B.V. / Location Deventer - Pulastic® sports floors.


Association Sport & Municipalities

Association Sport and Municipalities supports municipalities in the integral design, development and implementation of sports policy and accommodation issues.



Diversey is a leading company that offers innovative total solutions in the field of professional cleaning and hygiene worldwide. The offer includes total solutions for all professional applications, and training, logistics and administrative support. The systems are focused on building maintenance (and therefore sports accommodations), professional kitchen hygiene, machine wash, sanitary cleaning, textile care, personal hygiene and food safety.



CDM's years of construction experience and highly skilled technical team, advanced computer analysis software and extensive material knowledge enable them to research, design and deliver the optimal acoustic solution for any sound and vibration specification.