At Sika you are a vital link in our process

Sika is ready to grow even further. We are delighted by innovative thinking employees who want to work in a team. Employees for whom the customer is number 1! As a new employee, you become a vital link in this process. We are proud to have created a work and management environment that promotes personal freedom in action and decision-making. And enthusiasm for your own work, open to change and employee involvement. Employees have the opportunity to make an important contribution to the overall operating result. The work of everyone individually must be in line with our common values, internal views and practices. That is why we promote compliance with ethical standards, where mutual respect and trust in managers and staff are essential. Our employees share 3 critical values:

  • Cooperation
  • Perseverance
  • Innovation

Everyone contributes to the success. We know the benefits of a richly diverse workforce and therefore encourage the integration of people from all backgrounds.

What do we think?

Sales Support Export

Sales Support Export

Professional and yet personal, that's how Zubeyde feels about her job. "Thanks to the good cooperation between colleagues and customers, everything is possible, this makes my job special."

Target Market Manager Sports Floors Benelux

Manager Sport Benelux

For Wiljan his work is never boring. After more than 15 years, Wiljan is still satisfied and he wants to add at least another 15 years. "This is a company where you are challenged to constantly develop yourself!"

Foreman production

Foreman Production

In this small collegiate company Henk feels completely at home as one of the foremen in production. "Everyone helps each other and every day is different, my work still challenges me every day!"

We value people

We expect a lot and also have a lot to offer. We are an organization in which employees have personal responsibility and are coached in the processes.

We give priority to:

  • Personal development and responsibility
  • Positive working atmosphere in which there is room for innovation, performance, open communication
  • Mutual respect

A tailor-made salary and bonus system, together with good benefits, is characteristic of our remuneration policy. We offer an excellent pension provision and have a wide range of accident, disability and health insurance.