Increase customer value, reduce environmental impacts and take social responsibility

That's what we stand for! As a global company, Sika is committed to sustainable development. We take our responsibility by providing sustainable solutions for construction and industry. And by promoting business, social and environmental sustainability.

Sika Sustainability Strategy

Our strategy

Sustainability has always been part of the Sika identity. We are determined to continuously deliver sustainable added value to the entire value chain. Our activities and strategies are based on universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption (in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact Initiative). We continuously measure, improve, report and communicate about our sustainable added value.

"MORE VALUE, LESS IMPACT" is defined in six strategic goals. Focused on economic performance, sustainable solutions, local communities/society, energy, water consumption and safety at work. The targets can be seen in the image on the left.


Sika China – Project Team in front of Suzhou Center


Sika has a long-term perspective on the development of the company. Sustainability is an important part of Sika's drive for innovation. We improve the sustainability of buildings and industrial applications at both energy and material level.

Environmental dimension


Efficient use of energy and natural resources are crucial for sustainable development. Sika aims to minimize the impact on climate change by reducing energy consumption, among other things. The positive effects of this are that it reduces costs and sets us apart from competitors with our measures.

Social dimension


We contribute to social and economic progress in all countries and communities where we operate. Our integrity and ethical standards are high. We take good care of our employees and the local community and are involved in social projects.

Sika GRI Report

GRI reporting

Check out the latest Sika GRI report. The information contained in this report has been drawn up in accordance with GRI standards. This is Sika's seventh GRI report and covers the calendar year 2019.

Employees from Sika Chile


Integrity and ethics are an important part of Sika culture. Ethical behavior is one of the cornerstones on which Sika's excellent reputation is built. Our customers are counting on it and other stakeholders – in particular our shareholders and the entire Sika staff. There is therefore no room for negotiation or interpretation of these rules. The Code of Conduct defines the standards and rules for Sika and all employees.


Also in the Netherlands Sika takes its responsibility

For us, sustainability is 'the art of staying'. We want to live our lives in such a way that there is a permanent environment for our children in which they can do the same.

We are proud to be the first company in the industry to be certified according to the CSR Performance Ladder, inspired by the standard ISO 26000. A nice addition to the long-present ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and VCA** certificates. Sika and Pulastic® floors are proven durable and meet international standards. Various systems are tested and/or have the sustainable labels: AgBB/DiBT, Ecospecifier, M1, Classification LEED/BREAAM, Eurofins.


Investing in young talent together with the Krajicek Foundation

Sika Netherlands plays an active role in promoting sport and play and has developed various concepts and total solutions - under the brand name Pulastic® - that are used in both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Like the Richard Krajicek Foundation, we like to invest in young talent.

The mission of the RKF "To stimulate sporting activities, in a socially safe situation, for young people in those neighbourhoods where opportunities are limited" is supported wholeheartedly. Through sponsorship, but also through intensive cooperation with our partner RKF in order to take our social responsibility together.

Sika Netherlands sponsors scholarships for 7 students and in return these scholarship students will supervise the sports activities for young people at a Krajicek playground in their neighbourhood for at least 100 hours.

Thanks to the expert and intensive guidance provided by the scholarship students at the Krajicek Playgrounds, children have the opportunity to develop in a positive environment. They are an inspiration to other children in the area. Across the country, there are 100 active Krajicek Playgrounds where more than 4,000 children play and play sports together every day.


Sustainable solutions

Sustainability in construction relates to both new construction and renovation. As a global market leader, Sika improves its growth potential through innovation, quality and service. In construction, Sika delivers high-quality solutions to its customer groups such as contractors, concrete producers and professional distributors. And also in industry in the automotive sector.

Thanks to its innovative spirit and technical know-how, Sika is a skilled partner at every stage of the construction and industrial process.


Sustainable development of products and systems

Sika is committed to sustainable development and takes the responsibility of providing solutions to improve products and systems sustainably. Look at examples of our sustainable solutions.

Pulastic® sports floors
More Performant
  • Sports safety.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Multifunctional use.
  • Moving concepts
    Pulastic ® Ledcourt:
    - Interactive lines for Multisport and Fitness.
  • Seamless, so hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Long life.
More Sustainable
  • Completely circular.
  • Water-based (solvent-free) coating.
  • Recycled and renewable raw materials.
  • No carcinogenic emissions.
  • Easy to maintain, so less cleaning products.
  • Optimally sustainable Pure-Line with renewable raw materials, tested and meet the Eurofins indoor air quality Gold standards.
Sika Comfortfloor®
Garage Floor of the Medicus Clinic in Wroclaw, Poland
More Performant
  • High quality.
  • Excellent acoustic performance.
  • Design freedom.
  • High color stability and good looks.
  • Robust and fully attached to underlay.
  • Comfort.
  • Life-extending solutions/new look.
  • Seamless, so hygienic and easy to clean.
More Sustainable
  • Recycled and renewable raw materials.
  • No carcinogenic emissions.
  • Solvent-free / formaldehyde free.
  • Biologically resistant.
  • Meet AgBB v.w.b. VOCs emissions (healthy indoor air quality).
  • Contribution Green Buildings programs.
  • LCA in accordance with ISO.
  • Highest certification BRE Green Guide A+.
Sikafloor® PurCem®
Factory Purcem
More Performant
  • High resistance to chemical, mechanical and thermal shocks.
  • Contribution Green Buildings programs.
More Sustainable
  • 6 mm thickness has superior thermal resistance.
  • Seamless, so easy cleaning (less cleaning agents needed)
  • Low carbon footprint compared to other systems.
Sikafloor® CR (cleanroom)
Industrial floor coating with Sikafloor system for clean room areas
More Performant
  • No extra adhesive, underlay or moisture-resistant membranes.
  • Seamless; without joints and without welding.
  • Various sustainability certifications for buildings.
  • Full range: Sikafloor®, Sikagard® and Sikaflex®.
More Sustainable
  • Very low in molecular contamination in the air so cleanest air quality.
  • Lower energy requirements compared to PVC solutions.
Sikafloor® Car Parks
More Performant
  • Aesthetic look.
  • Easy cleaning compared to asphalt.
  • Protection for the concrete; prevents water and chloride from entering.
  • Various sustainability certifications for buildings.
More Sustainable
  • Lower energy and resource demand during the installation phase compared to asphalt.
Sealing and Bonding
More Performant
  • Essential for an airtight and waterproof building shell.
  • Good indoor air quality.
  • ISO 14040 series and EN 15804 standards.
More Sustainable
  • Very low emissions.
  • Evaluated with LCA and SPD.
  • Reduce energy loss.
More Performant
  • High-quality membrane for protection against aggressive ground conditions.
  • Material saving, no additional layer of protection required.
  • Proven environmental performance by EHR and LCA.
  • No migration or excess of any substances.
More Sustainable
  • Zero-emission application.
  • No open flame.
  • No energy-consuming tools.