Your choice of sports floor is very important. After all, you want your investment to continue to pay off in the future, preferably for a lifetime. Maintenance plays a crucial role in this. To provide maintenance services, we employ experienced consultants, who receive intensive coaching and training. 

Maintenance contracts

Safety and maintenance are closely linked. The better the maintenance, the less chance of injury and the longer you can continue to enjoy your investment. Please contact your local distributor to see if they offer maintenance contracts. Signing a maintenance contract takes all the hassle out of maintenance.



After inspection it may appear that your floor may also need a Facelift or revitalisation. In the case of a Facelift, your floor need not be replaced, but the existing floor - depending on its status - simply receives a new top-layer. Polyurethane sports floor systems are quick and easy to repair. Adding years of life to your floor. 

For more information about maintenance of Pulastic® sports floors, please contact us by email or call your local distributor.