The perfect wall covering for sports and fitness facilities

Pulastic® Soundwall

The Pulastic® Soundwall has been designed to offer the newest technology for multi-purpose sport facilities. Suitable for new build, and refurbishment projects, the Pulastic® Soundwall offers impressive acoustic improvement and has been tested in accordance to the most strict regulations for sport safety. Our unique solution creates a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere designed to motivate athletes with detailed and lively images.


The advantages of the Pulastic® Soundwall
  • Unrivalled sound absorbing properties, 15% more effective than other wall products.
  • Exciting way to improve the appearance of multi-purpose sport facilities.
  • Proven results in reduction of ambient sounds, creating improved clarity.
  • Comfortable and sports safe to ensure user safety, ideal for use with limited run offs.
  • Countless bespoke design possibilities to create stimulating sport environments.
  • Outstanding colour fastness due to the unique fibre printing method.
  • High mechanical strength and impact resistance.
  • Smooth surface for easy maintenance.
Elevating your facility to the next level

Due to the extensive colour and design selection, a Pulastic® sports floor and Soundwall can easily be adapted to a specific branding, mood or style of your facility. Looking at the latest contemporary architectural designs, the Pulastic® Soundwall solution fits perfectly, the possibilities are endless.

Hearing is believing

With our long-term experience in multi-purpose sports facilities, Pulastic® has solved countless acoustic issues. Globally, round the clock, many participants suffer from noice related to sound reverbation. Regular exposure of this effect could unfortunately lead to physical and psychological health consequences.

Alongside many positive benefits of physical activity, Pulastic® Soundwall decreases the level of ambient sounds which is beneficial for facilities where exams, exhibitions and concerts also take place. Because of the phenomenal sound absorption of the Pulastic® Soundwall, these areas can be turned into very comfortable environments.

System Nominal thickness Sound absorption Fire classification
Soundwall 40 40 mm 0,7 B-S1
Soundwall 70 70 mm 1,0 B-S1
Soundwall Custom 70+ mm 1,0 B-S1