Pulastic Classic Line

Pulastic® Classic Line is a range of traditional multi-purpose point-elastic sports floor systems. The trusted Classic systems, which have been installed in thousands of facilities worldwide, have now been updated with the latest developments. For example, the floors in this range are completely free of solvents, hence they comply with most of the indoor air quality standards, and show excellent fire resistance. And all of that combined with the proven comfort and safety features.

All Pulastic sports floors traditionally come with an elastic layer that is composed of 100% recycled tires. Now we have taken recycling and circularity to the next level; we have started to recycle our beloved Pulastic sports floors. When, after a typical life span of 25+ years, a Pulastic floor is demolished, we regranulate the floor's demolition waste and reproduce the next-gen elastic layer with it again. We proudly call it “Pulastic-2-Pulastic” or in brief “P2P”. In the near future we will provide this as a standard solution for all our sports floors.


Sports Hall Heroes in Panningen
The Goese Lyceum in Goes
Zuiderpark The Hague
The advantages of the Pulastic® Classic Line
  • Excellent long term resilience for comfort and injury prevention.
  • Seamless, non-porous and smooth surface for easy maintenance, repair and resurface procedures.
  • Sustainable and fully recycable.
  • Low total cost of ownership.
  • Outstanding ball bounce.
  • No glare for clear visibility of the durable line marking.
  • Optimal balance between friction and slide.
  • Multi-sports & multi-purpose, so high flexibility and favourable ROI.
  • Aknowledged and certified by international sports federations such as FIBA, IHF, BWF and (formerly) FIVB.
  • Wide colour selection with outstanding colour fastness.
  • Also suitable as top layer for area- and combi-elastic sports floors.
  • Sika Netherlands is VCA** certified for job site safety, and works according to the Responsible Care/EQHS management system BS OHSAS 18001.
  • Pulastic® sport floors are manufactured under ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental care and ISO 26000 for corporate sustainability.
The Pulastic® Classic Line is composed as follows:
  • A special prefabricated granular Pulastic 2 Pulastic rubber or foam shockpad. The thickness depends on the final requirements and level of comfort versus multi-purpose use. For details please see the table.
  • The P2P shockpad is bonded to the subfloor with solvent free adhesive.
  • Porefiller and structural self-levelling polyurethane layers are applied.
  • A matt water based sealcoat finishes the floor.
  • Court marking with durable waterbased linepaint.
System Nominal thickness Character Classification
Comfort Load baring capacity Ball bounce
Classic 60 6 mm Point-elastic - * ** *****
Classic 70 7 mm Point-elastic - * ** *****
Classic 80 Light 8 mm Point-elastic P1 *** * *****
Classic 90 9 mm Point-elastic - ** ** *****
Classic 100 Light 10 mm Point-elastic P2 **** * *****
Classic 110 11 mm Point-elastic P1 *** **** *****