Of all technological advances over the past century, nothing has completely altered our lives as much as light. Day and night, indoors and out, at home, in the work place, in stadiums, parks, hospitals and schools, on highway and at airports. When light is that fundamental to our modern lifestyle, why couldn’t this change the way we use light to play sports or work-out in general?

Over the past 10 years, the Sika Netherlands Pulastic® team has developed the Pulastic® Ledcourt. This innovation offers unprecedented opportunities for any sport and game practice, such as grassroots sport, top sport, sports practice for the visually impaired, rehabilitating patients, fitness, and children playing in schools and sports clubs.

Pulastic® Ledcourt brings lines on the sports floor back to one professional playing field, pleasant to play on as an athlete and to watch as a spectator. One clearly lit sports field, rather than a jumble of traditional lines, helps visually impaired people to practice their sport well and at the right level. Pulastic® Ledcourt also offers a solution as a practice line for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, play forms and fitness. By putting the light lines in a pattern and integrating them into the floor, rehabilitating patients can recover in a fun way and faster, and children can play sports. A fitness workout can also be created!

All kinds of sports and game programs are made more interactive and fun with the Pulastic® Ledcourt.