Building tennis

The Pulastic® Comfort Court T boosts the performance of tennis facilities due to the use of its cushioned base layer in combination with an extremely durable polyurethane structure layer. In order to reach a suitable and high performance surface for tennis, the Pulastic® Comfort Court T is finished with a layer of unequalled, high-quality GreenSet® acrylic. This finish is favoured by tennis players all over the world and can be set to meet required ITF Court Pace Ratings.

The advantages of the Pulastic® Comfort Court T:

  • Seamless, non-porous surface for easy maintenance, repair and resurface procedures.
  • Low total cost of ownership due to excellent wear resistance and easy to recoat top layer.
  • Unique hybrid system build up providing consistent and long term resilience for comfort and injury prevention
  • Extremely good impact resistance and tear strength due to its unique composition.
  • Outstanding ball bounce and ITF certified court pace ratings.
  • Optimal balance between friction and slide.
  • Wide color selection with outstanding colour fastness, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.
  • No additive mixing on site; all materials are 100% prepared in a quality controlled production enhancing consistent surface finishing.
  • Pulastic® sports floors are manufactured under ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 environmental care and ISO 26000 corporate sustainability.
  • The original Pulastic® sports floor with an unmatched tennis finish from our partner GreenSet®.

Pulastic's proven performance

Pulastic® in- and outdoor sports floors have been installed succesfully all over the world for the past 50 years. These multi-purpose sports floors are comfortable and safe and have great durability, and this results in a favourable total cost of ownership. We have now combined this wealth of experience with an acrylic finish from industry leading manufacturer GreenSet®. This allows us to implement a recognized, proven and durable tennis finish that is widely used for national and international tennis tournaments. This results in the best hybrid surface for the best tennis.

Unmatched for tennis and other racket sports

Depending on the finish used, Pulastic® tennis courts can also be used as a floor for other racket sports such as touch tennis, pickleball or padel. Possibly combining the different court markings gives the system a higher degree of flexibility and an even more favourable return on investment.