Upgrade before
Upgrade after

Your sports facility in top condition

After many years of intensive use, your sports facility may be in need of improvement.  The sports floor is worn and smooth and/or no longer meets current sports technical requirements. Also, the acoustics are not optimal. The Pulastic® team returns your sports facility to top condition by maintaining the sports floor and applying wall coverings to make it safe again with optimal acoustics. A totally new look!

Renovation, facelift, or upgrade: you have the choice of various sports floor systems and numerous colours. Wall coverings, together with the sports floor, set an important architectural tone for the overall appearance of the sports facility. You choose the design!

  • Renovation
    After inspection of the (old) sports floor it may be that it no longer meets sports technical requirements. Then we recommend replacement with a new sports floor system.

  • Facelift
    If the sports floor is suitable, it can have a facelift through the application of a new polyurethane cast layer to the existing floor with a coating and lines added to it. Any damage to your old floor will be repaired immediately. Because the base of the sports floor is already there, this is a relatively simple and cost-favourable solution for a new sports floor.

  • Upgrade
    If the sports floor no longer meets the sports technical requirements and is still fully attached to the underlay, upgrading is an option. Your existing floor will be upgraded for a new sports floor, which will meet noc*NSF standards.

  • Pulastic® Soundwall
    The main features of the Pulastic® Soundwall are: acoustically insulating and parapletizing. And they meet the standard of the KVLO.