Follow the latest trends with Pulastic® colours and logos

A seamless sports floor is a must in a modern sports facility, with full uniformity and connection to the walls. Pulastic® sports floors are designed for intensive use and remain beautiful throughout their life. The seamless construction makes it easy to create a combination of different colors in one floor. All Pulastic® colors can be applied to new floors, renovation and top layer treatments.

The look of a sports facility is important and that's why Pulastic® sports floors are available in all known classic and design colors, according to the latest trends.

Classic colors
Design colors

These colours are an impression.

The finishing touch for every sports floor is the lines. Just like the sports floor, the lines must remain beautiful. The best guarantee for achieving this is creating lines in the same material as the floor, i.e. on the basis of polyurethane.

An innovation from Sika is the Pulastic® LedCourt, lines based on LED technology in the floor. An optimal match of lines and flooring!

Logos and coloured fields can also be applied in the lines phase. Check out a small selection of different lines and logo options, from decorative to informative!

Logo Feyenoord
Logo Feyenoord
Revius Lyceum
Colored fields in a child care center
Informative logos
Logo Function
Informative logos
Logo with its own design