Challenging and versatile exercise on every m2 of a sports floor. This concept is the innovative design of a gym designed by ASM. A talent development model originally intended only for sports. Since then, the vision behind the model has been translated to different domains and target groups for the talent of every athlete.

Pulastic sports flooring & ASM

PLAYCE Indoor sports floors offer a wide variety of sports and exercise options.

A sports hall can be divided into various types of games. A standard volleyball court is divisible into 3 areas for smaller groups to offer physical education. One side of the hall is an asymmetrical surface, suitable for dodgeball, soccer, field hockey, endzone games and tap games. This part of the hall has an extra smooth coating and adds momentum on socks (but is not slippery with indoor athletic shoes).

The other side of the hall can accommodate game forms with goal areas such as soccer, basketball and handball. The hexagons allow for great variations of the movement forms "Go and Walk," "Jump and Land," and "Balance and Fall" from the 'Fundamental 10'! Testing and measuring is possible on a PLAYCE sports floor because of the applied lines and numbers for the shuttle run test, 10-meter, 5-meter test and the MQ Scan, among others.

All these sports and exercise components are combined for optimal use of the hall. This is just a selection of the possibilities.

"The cooperation with Sika is really good. Whereas we at Athletic Skills Model always think in terms of design and optimal use, The Sika team thinks along in terms of practical feasibility and applicability. Together we look at future developments with an innovative approach. " Martijn Postuma - Manager Athletic Skills Track

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Fundamental 10

Fundamental 10

By thinking in terms of skills, concepts and competencies, other games, activities, exercises and sports can contribute to optimal talent development. The Athletic Skills Model introduces a unique structure of versatility through Adaptive Training, Donor Sports and Multisports. Solutions from one sport are consciously and unconsciously transferred to another. This results in positive transfers in the technical, tactical, conditional, strategic and mental areas. With this targeted approach, programmes can be tailor-made for every kind of sport and movement, for every athlete and for all levels.