A first for Groningen: The first Pulastic® tennis floor in the Netherlands!

The Stadrshal in Groningen is the indoor sports accommodation of the province. With six indoor tennis courts, eleven squash courts and eight badminton courts, every racquet enthusiast has the opportunity to fully indulge. About 3,000 people use this property every week. The Stadrshal is located on the Corpus den Hoorn tennis park, in the centre of 17 outdoor tennis courts.

The outdoor courts can accommodate two tennis clubs. The hall also has a tennis institute under its roof, where both the recreational and the performing tennis player are offered the opportunity to get the most out of themselves.
Every athlete can find his or her place in the Stadrshal.

Pulastic® tennis floors
Pulastic sports floors® are all over the world. We have combined our extensive experience in the field of safe and comfortable sports floors with the typical acrylic finish for tennis courts. The result
is a fantastic range of durable and resilient tennis floors with the required track speed. The systems meet the requirements of two extremes: both those of demanding top players and of recreational players. Particular
tennis trainers and players who spend many hours on Pulastic's tennis courts® will feel less fatigue thanks to the comfort and resilience of the rubber mat.
After years of playing tennis on a carpeted tennis floor, the carpet of the tennis hall was worn and a new tennis floor was looked at. The Pulastic® Comfort Court 60T is chosen in the colours of the US Open: Capri Blue and Mei Green. The tennis floor in the Stadrshal in Groningen is the first tennis floor made in the Netherlands!

Systems / colors

Space System Color
Tennis Hall Pulastic® Comfort Court

309 Capri Blue (playing fields)

417 May Green