Sports centre de Beeck is a household name in Bergen

Unfortunately, on Friday 13 October 2017, this sports centre was hit by a devastating fire in which the swimming pool, sports hall and tennis hall were so damaged that the entire building must be considered lost.

Sports centre De Beeck is a household name in Bergen. The sports complex at molenweidtje has next to a family swimming pool with 25-meter bath and recreational pool, a completely new (indoor) tennis hall and sports hall, a large billiard room and a hall of mirrors. In the wellness you can relax completely in various saunas and (immersive) baths. In 2016, this sports centre underwent a thorough renovation in which the existing tennis hall with 3 courts was converted into a tennis hall with 2 courts. By placing a permanent sound wall between the old courts, a full-fledged gym has been realised.

Tennis Hall
In the tennis hall, the old carpet floor has been replaced by a new cushioning Pulastic Comfort Court in the same shade of blue. A floor with the right mix between cushioning and stiffness so that every tennis player can play at his own level. The new video analysis system allows athletes to see their own movements with a delay of 30 seconds. This way they can improve their tennis skills in a fun way. This makes Sportcentrum De Beeck unique in North Holland! Thanks to the permanent sound wall, a full-fledged gym has been created. As a result, the desire of the Adriaan Roland Holstschool to optimize movement education has been realised.

Pulastic® Soundwall
In both the tennis hall and the gym, measures have been taken to improve the acoustics. In addition to the permanent sound wall, special wall coverings have been installed that absorb 100% of the annoying sound. The sound values fall within the standards. This Pulastic Sound Wall is a new and unique product, developed to enable a significant noise reduction. The application of virtually any image is possible that matches the look in the property. The wall covering is mounted in frames, which are specifically made for the property. In the gym the standard version of the Pulastic Sound Wall has been chosen. For the tennis courts, a specific version has been developed for the back wall, so that the tennis ball does not bounce back. The sides are finished with a profile. The same standard version as in the gym is applied to the long sides next to the tennis court. Sports centre De Beeck can go years ahead with this upgrade and the first reactions of the users are very positive!

Systems / colors

Space System Color
Tennis Hall Pulastic® Comfort Court

309 Capri Blue (playing fields)

307 Pastel Blue (circulation)

Gymnasium Pulastic® Classic 110 Eco 305 Sky Blue
All rooms Pulastic® Soundwall Specific image in blue