Top sport, top care, top knowledge and top-business in Groningen

More than top sport
The new Topsportzorgcentrum (TSZC) is located at the Corpus den Hoorn sports park in Groningen. A multifunctional building that connects top sport, top care, top-level knowledge and top-entrepreneurship and bridges the gap to the grassroots sport. The combination of all these functionalities in one location under one roof is unique in the Netherlands. The TSZC is a joint initiative of FC Groningen, Interspy and VNO-NCW / Mkb Noord in direct cooperation with Euroborg NV and the province of Groningen.

Euroborg NV is the client and landlord of 'the green centre'. Former skater and top coach Gerard Kemkers will work there on behalf of FC Groningen as manager Topsport and Talent Development. The TSZC is intended as a breeding ground where top sport, healthcare, knowledge and companies come together to stimulate a sports and exercise climate, develop innovative products and services and put the qualities of the region more broadly on the map. Part of this idea is the Performance Center. A knowledge centre that scientifically seeks to optimize the physical condition, mental resilience, technical performance, tactical concepts and lifestyle of athletes.

Building design
The ground floor is intended for FC Groningen. Both the first team and all six training teams have their own dressing room. On this floor is also the top sports training hall with a 40 meter sprint track.

On the first floor is a publicly accessible catering and meeting centre, offices of FC Groningen and the players' home of the footballers. The second floor is also called the 'care layer' and is intended for sports care, vitality and exercise. Employers' organisation VNO / NCW / Mkb Noord is the main tenant of the third floor.

Sika and Pulastic
In the top sports training hall, fitness and physio room there are almost 1000 m2 of Pulastic® sports floors in different shades of green that suit the rest of the building. Floor technology Hoogeveen B.V. is responsible for the floors in the other rooms and the walls in the building. The Sikagard® Wallcoat AS-11 Hygienic has been chosen for the walls. This finish ensures a hygienic, seamless transition from casting floor to wall finish and is also called 'a casting floor on the wall'.

The Sika® Comfortfloor Decorative has been chosen for the casting floors. A polyurethane casting floor complete with (hollow) skirting boards seamlessly through the entire building and silk mat finished. The combination of sport, care and business creates synergy and cross-pollination and results in the most vital workplace in the North of the Netherlands!

Systems / colours

Space System Colour
Topsport training hall 568 m2 Pulastic® Pro 150 Eco

400 - Green Oxide

401 - Lime Green

422 - Spring Grass

Fitness 222 m2 Pulastic® Classic 90 Eco
401 - Lime Green
Physiotherapy 151 m2 Pulastic® Classic 110 Eco
506 - Dusty Grey
Other floors
Sika® Comfortfloor® Decorative Shades of grey and black
Wallcovering Sikagard® Wallcoat AS-11 Hygienic Shades of Green
Products of partner BSW
Fitness 144 m2 BSW Crosstiles 43 mm Black
Topsport training hall 80 m2 BSW Tatami Judo mats Black