Your mission begins at Zwin College

Zwin College is a small-scale, broad school community. Great in developing the individual talents of the students and creating a safe learning environment. A good and safe learning environment is an environment in which you feel at home and in which you respectfully interact with each other. At Zwin College, students are not a number, but they know each other. Learning is to look beyond your textbook and look beyond the walls of the school.

Zwin College has a publicly accessible sports venue. It is used for school gym, youth centre Time Out and outside school hours by primary and secondary school youth.

Pulastic® indoor ... and outdoor!
The choice of a Pulastic® sports floor was not difficult. The good experiences in other municipal indoor sports facilities, the unique multifunctional product and the pleasant and reliable contacts with the employees of Sika Nederland have ensured that in addition to indoor sports floors they have also opted for an outdoor sports floor of Pulastic®. Zwin College wants to encourage outdoor sports. They find sports on a good surface important.

Pulastic® Comfort Court
The Pulastic® Comfort Court is ideal for multifunctional accommodations that are mainly used for multiple outdoor sports; from basketball to basket ball and even for tennis. Thanks to its sturdy and durable, structured surface, the floor is very suitable for dynamic and multi-directional sports. Turning and turning movements in tennis or football, for example, can be made easily and the use of polyurethane material minimises the risk of skin burning during sliding.

An outdoor sports floor with the structure and characteristics of an indoor sports floor, that's what Zwin College was looking for!

"“Dankzij de unieke samenwerking tussen het Zwin College, Sika Nederland en de gemeente Sluis is het gelukt het bestaande geasfalteerde sportveld te upgraden tot een multifunctionele speellocatie voor onder andere voetbal, basketbal, hockey en tennis. Het is een enorm verschil tussen de voormalige asfaltondergrond en de nu veel aangenamere Pulastic® buitensportvloer!”" Willy Schram, Beleid & Beheer Gemeente Sluis

Systems / colors

Space System Color
Off sports field Pulastic® Comfort Court
309 Capri Blue