A brand new, multifunctional and modern training complex located in Varkenoord

Feyenoord Academy
Feyenoord Academy is a leading youth academy, which trains young footballers to become professional footballers. Every year, two players from Feyenoord Academy move on to the first squad. The newly opened brand new, multifunctional and modern training complex is located on Varkenoord. In addition to the excellently manicured pitches, the players and staff also have the most modern facilities at their disposal. There are spacious changing rooms, offices and meeting rooms for the staff members and a large sports room where two teams can train at the same time. Varkenoord is a complex with top sport and grassroots sport under one roof.

Raymond van Meenen is manager at the Feyenoord Academy and very happy with the result. "Since 2012, there has been talk about new construction. For the product choice we were advised by the architect and various other parties. We have also visited other complexes to get experiences."

When asked what the users are most proud of, Raymond says: "On the whole! Together we managed to build a building with a robust, sport-worthy Feyenoord look. Especially through the proper use of colors and décor. We are open every day between 8 am and 10 p.m., so you can say that the floors are used quite intensively! With proper maintenance, we can ensure that the floors remain beautiful." In addition to the casting floors, there is also a large sports room with a special Pulastic® sports floor. Raymond: "Our experiences are very good. It turned out to be the right choice to do so, specifically for the sports room. We get a lot of compliments from physiotherapists and players for the quality of the floor."

In the building are more than 3,000 m2 Sika® and Pulastic® floors with 1,000 m1 hollow plinths. Made by the company Decopox and the Pulastic application team. This particular casting floor has been deliberately chosen. In particular, in view of the scratch sensitivity of the studs of the football boots. For the wall coating, Sikagard® Wallcoat N, applied by N. van der Ham B.V. In terms of facilities, Feyenoord Academy is one of the top in the Netherlands with the arrival of this new complex!

Systems / colors

Space System Color
Sport 297 m2 Pulastic® Classic 90 Eco

RAL - 9004

SIKKENS F4.28.47

Other spaces

2,767 m2 Sikafloor® 330

+ 2 layers finish coating Sikafloor® 304-W

Logos and floors in colours of the club
Wall coating 2,000 m2 Sikagard® Wallcoat N In the colours of the club