Top-level sports in Europapark Groningen

Sportcentrum Europapark is one of the larger multifunctional sports centres in Groningen. The construction of the new sports complex makes an important contribution to the vibrancy in the new urban area Europapark. In addition to many sports facilities, there are educational facilities for Noorderpoort College in the complex. Sporthal Europapark is owned by the Municipality of Groningen. The sports hall can be rented out every day and is suitable for all indoor sports. The hall is excellent for events with many participants or visitors.

The complex was designed by VenhoevenCS and is energy neutral and earthquake resistant. With this, VenhoevenCS wants to contribute to the sustainable ambitions of the city of Groningen. The agency has therefore committed to a significant CO2 reduction. Peak energy use is settled with surpluses accumulated in the summer, this is possible by the coupling on the Europapark heat city.

Europapark has a large sports hall, a martial arts dojo, a dance hall and a gym. There is also a gym, catering and classrooms for the Noorderpoort. The building is located in a park with differences in height and on the terraces there is room for sports and games. The sports facilities in and around the complex are a great addition to the offer in the Helperpark. The façades of the dance room can be fully folded up, so that they form an informal theatre together with the terrace.

Sika® and Pulastic® floors
In the sports hall and the dance room there are a total of more than 1,800 m2 Pulastic® sports floors and in the other rooms there are more than 2,500 m2 Sika® casting floors. All in different sand colors. Sportcentrum Europapark is an energy efficient building and ready for the future!

Systems / colors

Space System Color
Sports hall Pulastic® Pro 180 Comfort Eco 205 - Sand Beige
Dance room Pulastic® Classic 110 Eco NCS S3010-Y20R
Other spaces Sika® Comfortfloor® Grayscale