We make a 'Sika at Work' and 'Pulastic at Work' of some of our beautiful projects. 

Pulastic at Work


Fitness Multisport Tennis


100 Red Oxide 125 Dutch Orange 205 Sand Beige 222 Desert Sunrise 305 Sky Blue 307 Pastel Blue 308 Pigeon Blue 309 Capri Blue 417 May Green 421 Sea Mist 422 Spring Grass 506 Dusty Grey 507 Iron Grey 521 Dolphin Grey Design


ASM Pulastic Pulastic Facelift Pulastic Ledcourt Pulastic Soundwall Sika Comfortfloor Sikascreed


2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Sika at Work


Marine Pulastic Pulastic® Comfort Court Sarnavap Sika Anchorfix Sika Balcony Fast SikaBond Sika Boom Sika Carbodur Sika Comfortfloor Sika Concrete Primer Sikacor Sikadur Sikafiber Sikaflex Sikafloor Sikafloor Marine Sikagard SikaGrout SikaHyflex Sika Igasol Sika Igoflex Sika Igoldicht Sika Monotop Sika Permacor Sika Poxicolor Sika Poxitar Sika Primer SikaProof SikaQuick Sika Repair Sikascreed Sikasil SikaTack Panel SikaTop Sika Unitherm Platinum Sika Viscocrete Sika Viscoflow Sikawrap