Comfort Court

Pulastic® Comfort Court is a line of high-end multifunctional outdoor sports floors providing outstanding comfort and safety for training and competition combined, with excellent resistance to mechanical loads.

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The advantages of the Pulastic® Comfort Court

  • Excellent long term resilience for comfort and injury prevention.
  • Seamless, non-porous and dimpled or smooth surface for easy maintenance, repair and resurface procedures. 
  • Excellent dimensional stability and permanently flexible, with an equal performance level at temperatures between - 5°C and + 70°C.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Outstanding ball bounce.
  • No glare for clear visibility of the durable line marking.
  • Optimal balance between friction and slide.
  • Multisport use; suitable for all ball games including tennis.
  • Outstanding properties against moisture and UV influences.
  • Wide colour selection with outstanding colour fastness.
  • Suitable for outdoor and covered outdoor facilities.
  • Pulastic® sports floors are manufactured under ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental care and ISO 26000 for corporate sustainability.

The Pulastic® Comfort Court Line is composed as follows:

  • A special prefabricated granular rubber or foam shockpad. The thickness depends on the final requirements and level of comfort versus multi-purpose use. 
  • The shockpad is bonded to the subfloor with solvent free adhesive.
  • Porefiller and structural self-levelling polyurethane layers are applied.
  • A matt special outdoor water based sealcoat finishes the floor.
  • Court marking with durable waterbased line paint.