Status activities related to reduction of risk with regards the outbreak of Covid-19

To all relations of Sika Netherlands B.V.

Priority: Protecting our employees, helping to slow the spread of the virus, continuing the business activities through stringent hygiene measures and creating physical distance between people as well as taking measures to maintain the flow of goods. A daily crisis management team has been activated to steer the day-to-day operation.


  1. Status
    All Sika companies in the world are operational, all orders are delivered. No employees have tested positive for Covid-19 within Sika Netherlands B.V., no employees have been placed in isolation or quarantine.

  2. Measures taken
    - All employees have been informed in writing and by managers about the guidelines of the RIVM and have been instructed to act accordingly.
    - All employees who can work from home are now doing so.
    - Field staff aged 65 and over are only allowed to work from home.
    - A strict separation has been introduced between employees in the direct processes (order intake, production and quality control, application and expedition). This applies to both work and breaks.
    - Visits by external parties are no longer permitted if this is not necessary for the continuity of the primary process. Truck drivers must remain in the cab during loading and unloading.
    - There is an international travel ban, with the exception of some work in the primary process in Belgium if this can be carried out in accordance with guidelines.
    - All meetings, trainings and events have been postponed and are conducted online where possible.

  3. Continuity of operational activities
    Sika makes every effort to continue to support the operational activities of our customers. Our activities focus on the period in the crisis as well as the activities immediately afterwards. During this period, we ask our commercial employees to maintain intensive telephone customer contact in order to gather optimal planning information for our production and logistics organisation. This helps us to avoid disruptions. Hoarding does not help, the proper distribution of (safety) stock in the total flow of goods (producer, importer, distributor, processor) does help.

    We will continue to plan activities in the near future so that we can resume all normal operations as soon as possible after the lifting of restrictions.

The daily Covid-19 Crisis Team is closely monitoring developments and will carry out further instructions from the government immediately. For questions, you can contact us through the regular channels. Press questions will only be answered by our Communication Manager.

Remo van der Wilt, General Manager