Everything has been thought of in the new sports complex De Wedert in Valkenswaard

A special renovation and expansion. The new sports complex de Wedert in Valkenswaard consists of a sports hall, a renovation of the indoor pool, new changing facilities, an outdoor swimming pool, a central entrance with catering facilities and a physiotherapy practice. In addition, there are many possibilities for people with disabilities.

"Sport and exercise is not always self-evident for people with disabilities. Often disabled people do not always know what sports opportunities they have. Sporty Valkenswaard points in the way here, starting: Simply if possible, especially where it is needed".

Immediately after the opening, many associations have found their way to the sports complex, and private individuals can also rent out spaces. The catering establishment is an important eye-catcher. A connecting place where visitors supervise the bath and sports hall. The grandstand can accommodate up to 180 people. Sportcomplex de Wedert was designed by Slangen & Koenis architects and carried out by Vaessen General Construction Company.

Pulastic sports floors
In the sports hall and physiotherapy room is a Pulastic® Pro 150 Eco. Due to the thicker top layer, this class 2 sports floor has a high durability, a high shock absorption and is suitable for multifunctional sports. An ideal floor for both a sports hall and a physiotherapy room. This floor is also suitable for events in the future.

For the sports hall, two different shades of grey have been chosen. A light color for the playing field and a dark color out there. The physiotherapy room has two playing fields and an athletics track. Executed in various cheerful colors green, blue and orange.

In the changing room and showers is a Sika® Comfortfloor® in different shades of grey, applied by Ben de Graaff projects. Everything has been thought of in the new sports complex. Its accessibility and size make it a sports complex for everyone!

Systems / colors

Space System Color
Sports hall Pulastic® Pro 150 Eco

506 Dusty Grey

507 Iron Grey

Storeroom Pulastic® Pro 150 Eco 506 Dusty Grey
Physiotherapy Pulastic® Pro 150 Eco

305 Sky Blue

125 Dutch Orange

417 May Green

Changing rooms & showers Sika® Comfortfloor Grey