A social meeting place for athletes and residents of Oisterwijk and its surroundings

On the outskirts of Oisterwijk, on the transition from urban area to farmland and forests lies Sportpark Den Donk. A social meeting place for the various athletes and residents of Oisterwijk and its surroundings.
The building fits perfectly with its green surroundings. The wooden construction is visible throughout the complex and continues to the outside. By applying a lot of glass, the warm glow of the wood radiates from the inside out. The building seems to be detached from the ground, due to a dichotomy of a transparent plinth under the canopy and an anthracite volume above the canopy.

The multifunctional building has a 25-metre swimming pool, sports hall, climbing wall, catering and meeting rooms. The catering and central hall are located in the heart of the property with maximum visibility of both the sports hall and the adjacent sports fields. A sculptural staircase provides access to the grandstand of the sports hall. The sports hall is a multifunctional space. In addition to sports activities, events are also held.

All kinds of sustainability aspects have already been taken into account during construction. The supplementation water (the water needed to replenish the water loss by evaporation and spouting) is preheated by TSA. In order to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible, the building is gas-free and heated by 3 heat pumps. On the roof there are 750 solar panels, so 85% of the energy itself is generated with an ROI of about 5 years. The property meets the BENG requirements, has an EPC (energy performance coefficient) of 0.0 and an average GGR (Ground Penetrating Radar) of 8.86.

Sika and Pulastic
Both the municipality of Oisterwijk, Slangen + Koenis architects and Van Der Horst contractors B.V. are well acquainted with the products of Sika® and Pulastic®. At the old location, sports centre De Leije, the same system had been in place since 1992!

In the sports hall is 1500 m2 Pulastic Pro 150 Eco, approved by KIWA-ISA. Due to the thicker top layer, this class 2 sports floor has a high durability, a high shock absorption and is suitable for multifunctional sports and events.

A Sika® Comfortfloor® Pro has been chosen in the corridors. This floor is more than just a sleek, stylish floor. The floor is odourless, solvent-free and hygienic as there is no dust and bacteria attached to the anti-allergen surface. The closed surface also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The new building is the shining centrepiece of Sportpark Den Donk!

Systems / colors

Space System Color
Sports hall 1350 m2 Pulastic® Pro 150 Eco

506 - Dusty Grey

507 - Iron Grey

Storeroom 249 m2 Pulastic® Pro 150 Eco 506 - Dusty Grey
Course 146 Sika® Comfortfloor® Pro 507 - Iron Grey
Storeroom 14 m2 Sika® Comfortfloor® Pro
421 - Sea Mist