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Corporate and entertainment events of every kind have chosen Oslofjord as their partner. Join, and experience how Oslofjord’s modern and flexible facilitiescan fulfill and grow your vision. From accommodations to dining, arena facilities to technical expertise, Oslofjord is waiting to make your convention, concert,banquet, sporting event or concept an absolute success.Oslofjord Convention Center is characterized by its multifunctional and flexible solutions. The facilities and technical systems create nearly boundless possibilities forpresentations, entertainment, sporting events and catering.

A pioneering project that contributes to the environment
Oslofjord was built with a particular focus on environmental impact. The heating and cooling systems employ renewable energy sources, and with a campus designed for minimal vehicle traffic, guests and staff enjoy a notably environmentally friendly atmosphere. The heating and cooling system is based on both a heat pump which uses sea-water as an energy source and pellet bio-energy. Oslofjord is at the cutting edge of modern building energy technology. The Convention Center complies with the Norwegian implementation of the energy efficiency and renewable energy policy.

Pulastic sportsflooring
More injury-free training hours and higher performance levels. Pulastic® SP is a spike-resistant, safe and comfortable indoor athletics surface that also meets the requirements of the demanding sportsman in other indoor sports. It can bear very heavy weights, for instance fork lift trucks, heavy equipment such as podiums and stands, as well as large number of visitors. This makes a venue with a Pulastic® SP floor ideal for concerts, trade fairs and large-scale (sporting) events. Sika’s partner Gulv Takteknikk AS has installed over 9.000 m² Pulastic® SP floors in this building. And the Pulastic® team is proud to say it is the biggest spike-resistant sports floor in the history of Pulastic®!